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22 Salute Spirits and Coffee

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$1,200,000 Target
18 days Time Left

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Reg CF via 22 Salute Spirits and Coffee

    This Reg CF offering is made available through Community Bond, LLC.
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22 Salute Spirits and Coffee

22 Salute is a proud veteran-dependent & minority-owned social enterprise offering premium spirits & coffee products. A portion of every sale is donated toward veteran & first responder mental health.


Join 22 Salute in Honoring Heroes and Transforming Lives


At 22 Salute, we believe in more than just crafting exceptional spirits and specialty coffees – we believe in making a difference. Founded by three veteran-dependents and dedicated advocates for veteran and first responder mental health and suicide prevention, 22 Salute is on a mission to support those who have served and protected us.





★  Our Premium Products ★ 



Ultra-Premium Vodka

Our vodka is distilled from corn and handcrafted using only the highest quality ingredients. The spirit is filtered 22 times in honor of the number of lives lost on average in the veteran community which produces an undeniably smooth taste. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees a consistent, premium experience with every sip, appealing to discerning consumers seeking the best in vodka. 


Fig-Vanilla Bourbon

This unique spirit is a hallmark of our innovation in the bourbon industry. By infusing traditional bourbon with Mission Figs and Madagascar Vanilla Beans, we create a sophisticated blend that offers a rich, warm taste with a hint of sweetness and aromatic complexity. This combination not only differentiates our bourbon from others on the market but also attracts a niche audience of enthusiasts looking for novel and exquisite flavors.


High-Altitude Specialty Coffees

Our coffee beans are sourced from premier high-altitude regions, where the climatic conditions contribute to beans of superior quality. The high altitude allows for slower bean maturation, resulting in a richer and more nuanced flavor profile. Our roasting process is precisely controlled to bring out the best characteristics of these beans,delivering a bold, full-bodied coffee that stands out among specialty coffees.


Each of our products is not only a testament to our commitment to quality but also a vehicle for our greater mission.



Our Cause


22 Salute stands out not only for our premium products but for our unwavering dedication to a greater cause. A portion of every sale goes directly to The Veterans Connection, a nonprofit organization focused on mental health and suicide prevention for veterans and first responders. We are also the first to include the Crisis Lifeline number on the back of our products, providing easy access to help those in their darkest hours when help is needed most.


By choosing 22 Salute, you're not just enjoying top-tier spirits and coffee – you're making a tangible impact in the lives of our heroes.


Why We Need Your Support


To continue our mission and reach more people, we need your help.  Your contributions will enable us to:


★   Expand our distribution network, making it easier for more customers to find and enjoy our products.

★   Increase our production capacity to meet growing demand and support nationwide distribution.

★   Enhance our marketing efforts to spread the word about our cause and our products.


Join Us


By backing 22 Salute, you're joining a community of individuals committed to quality, excellence, and making a difference. Your support will help us continue to craft exceptional products while driving meaningful change.

Thank you for standing with us and for your generous support. 


Raise Your Glass with Purpose. Savor Every Sip with 22 Salute.




Investment Incentives (Available to US Investors Only)


Early Investors - First 2 Weeks – Min. Investment of $100

22 Salute Hoodie


Tier 1 - $500   

Discount Code 5% - 3 months (coffee only)              

22 Salute Hat


Tier 2 - $1000

Discount Code 10% - 3 months (coffee only)            

22 Salute Tee Shirt & 22 Salute Hat   


Tier 3 - $2500

Discount Code 15% - 6 months (coffee only)            

22 Salute Tee Shirt & 22 Salute Hat


Tier 4 - $5000

Discount Code 20% - 6 months (coffee only)            

22 Salute Tee Shirt & 22 Salute Hat


Tier 5 - $10,000         

1 free bag of coffee per month for 6 months            

22 Salute Tee Shirt & 22 Salute Hat


Tier 6 - $25,000         

1 free bag of coffee per month for 6 months            

22 Salute Tee Shirt & 22 Salute Hat   

Early Access to New Products


Tier 7 - $50,000         

1 free bag of coffee per month for 12 months                      

22 Salute Tee Shirt & 22 Salute Hat   

Early Access to New Products

Distillery or Coffee Roast Tour for 2 people including airfare and hotel for 2 nights

Tier 8 - $100,000       

1 free bag of coffee per month for 12 months                      

22 Salute Tee Shirt & 22 Salute Hat

Early Access to New Products

Distillery or Coffee Roast Tour for 4 people including airfare and hotel for 2 nights


Use of Proceeds


Funds raised will be strategically allocated to fuel our growth and impact. We will enhance our advertising and marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and reach more customers, highlighting our mission and premium offerings. Additionally, we will increase production of our current products to meet growing demand and introduce exciting new products to the market, expanding our portfolio. Furthermore, a portion of the funds will be used as working capital, ensuring smooth operations and allowing us to maintain our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Through these initiatives, we aim to strengthen our position in the market and further our mission to support veteran and first responder mental health and suicide prevention. 

Main Street Bond Platform Expenses:

As intermediary, Community Bond, LLC shall receive 5% of the amount raised in the Offering, a $5,000.00 onboarding fee, and will be reimbursed for all expenses incurred by the Intermediary on behalf of the Company, including a $5 per Investor processing fee charged the Intermediary’s technology provider, Escrow Fees, and all fees associated with the use of any credit card or alternative considerations processors. The Company is charging each investor an Investment Fee of 2.85% to partially cover Offering Costs associated with each investment. The Investment Fee for credit card transactions is increased to 6.00% to cover the higher cost the Company incurs when such transactions are processed.


Ownership Structure & Rights of Securities

The table below lists the beneficial owners of twenty percent (20%) or more of the Company’s outstanding voting equity securities as of the date of this Form C, calculated on the basis of voting power, as well as the ownership .




Amount and Type or Class Held


Percentage Ownership (in terms of voting power)

Eric Ranks


38% of Membership Interests



Maurice DeVera


27.5% of Membership Interests



Patrick Salazar


27.5% of Membership Interests




The Company is offering Revenue Sharing Bonds, which we refer to as “Bonds” or “Securities”. The rights and obligations of the investors in this offering are governed by the Revenue Sharing Bond Agreement, which each prospective investor agrees to by signing the Subscription Agreement, attached hereto as Exhibit E. Below are summaries of the Revenue Sharing Bond Agreement, which are qualified by the actual terms of the Revenue Sharing Bond Agreement.


Summary of Terms.





Payment Multiple


When multiplied by the Initial Principal Amount, the total amount of principal plus interest that the Issuer will pay to the Holder (unless such amount is lowered by state Usury Laws).

Revenue Percentage


The percentage of Issuer revenue that will be used to repay these Notes.

Sharing Start Date

One year after issuance

The first day on which Issuer revenue is measured for repayment purchases.

First Payment Date

One year and 45 days after issuance

The date on which the Issuer is required to make its first payment.

Payment Frequency


How frequently payments will be made after the “First Payment Date” (e.g., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, etc.)

Maturity Date

Five years after issuance

The date by which all amounts due under this bond must be repaid by.

Accrual Rate


The rate at which simple interest is deemed to accrue for tax purposes.

Risks & Disclosures

A crowdfunding investment involves risk. You should not invest any funds in this offering unless you can afford to lose your entire investment. In making an investment decision, Investors must rely on their own examination of the issuer and the terms of the offering, including the merits and risks involved. These Securities have not been recommended or approved by any federal or state securities commission or regulatory authority. The Securities should only be purchased by persons who can afford to lose all their investment.

Before making an investment decision with respect to the Securities, we urge you to carefully consider the risk factors described set forth in the Section entitled “Risk Factors” in our Form C.

For example, the Company’s business model involves manufacturing of spirits and coffee, which creates substantial supply chain challenges due to various regulations that the Company may not be able to overcome. These products are at an unusually high risk of being stolen, set on fire, lost in transit, or held indefinitely. Products which are destroyed or held up cannot be sold, which may negatively impact the profitability of the Company and may also restrict the Company’s ability to purchase new products from its manufacturers, resulting in fewer products for sale, higher manufacturing costs, and longer wait times for consumers, all of which would negatively impact the Company, and which could cause an Investor to lose all or a portion of their investment.

Previous Funding

The Company is closely held by its five owners, each of whom play a role in its business, and each of whom received their Membership Interests from the Company in December 2021 (at the time of its formation) or via one off transfers from the Company’s three original founders. All securities transferred from the issuer to the original founders were transferred pursuant to Section 4(a)(2) of the Securities Act.


Other than the above referenced Membership Interests, the Company has not sold any securities within the last three years.

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Offering Documents

Meet the 22 Salute Spirits and Coffee team

Chief Executive Operator & Co-Founder
Eric Ranks

Eric is a visionary entrepreneur with over 24 years of expertise in sales training, leadership, and digital marketing. As the founder of The Veterans Connection, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Eric has made significant strides in veteran and first responder suicide prevention. An international best-selling author and motivational speaker, he also focuses on expanding 22 Salute Spirits & Coffee, further supporting those who have selflessly served our nation.

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder
Maurice De Vera

Maurice is a tech innovator and and Co-Founder of EWC Technologies, a company that is behind the world's first PoE-enabled Intel NUC. With a wealth of experience from leading roles at Google, Pinterest, NextRoll, and Magic Leap, he is a recognized digital marketing expert. Maurice brings his expertise to 22 Salute, enhancing our mission to support veterans and first responders.

Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder
Patrick Salazar

Patrick holds a B.S. in Professional Sales from Weber State University and is an advertising expert with over a decade in digital marketing. He has managed over $15 million in ad campaigns for local and national brands. Beyond his advertising career, Patrick is a real estate investor and a devoted family man, making him a well-rounded leader and an inspiration in both personal and professional realms.

Jennifer Hicks

Jennifer boasts a 29-year career in the tech sector, specializing in videoconferencing, collaboration, and Augmented Reality. Active in her Austin, Texas community, she volunteers at various organizations and advocates for domestic violence survivors, many of whom are veterans. Partnering with 22 Salute, Jennifer leverages her expertise to support the veteran community while also being a devoted mom, world traveler, and dog parent to Rocky.

Director of Marketing & Design
Maureen Ranks

Maureen has 13 years in higher education and now excels as Director of Marketing for 22 Salute, enhancing its brand identity through her graphic design skills. Her expertise in event management and training fosters meaningful experiences and team development. Additionally, Maureen is an international best-seller, showcasing her versatile narrative skills and dedication to the 22 Salute mission.

Master Distiller
Hirad Yaldaei

Hirad is the COO and Senior Distiller at Dragon Distillery, holds a BA from the University of Maryland and brings over nine years of dedicated experience to the company. His leadership and expertise in distillation have been instrumental in shaping Dragon Distillery's innovative spirit line. Passionate about crafting unique and high-quality spirits, Hirad continues to push the boundaries of distilling excellence.


As a spirits and coffee retailer, we review Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) daily and weekly to assess business health. These KPIs contribute to overall business health, measured by revenue, expenses, and profit/loss, reviewed weekly and finalized monthly which include:

Revenue Growth Rate: Assess the percentage increase in revenue over specific timeframes to evaluate the company’s expansion. Tracking this metric helps identify growth trends and informs strategic decisions.

Gross Margin: Calculate the percentage of revenue left after subtracting the cost of goods sold. A higher gross margin indicates stronger profitability and more efficient cost control, contributing to overall financial health.

Distribution Reach: Monitor the expansion of new distribution channels and geographic locations where products are available. Widening distribution reach enhances market access, increases sales opportunities, and supports brand visibility.

Market Penetration: Evaluate the company’s market share within target segments or regions. Boosting market penetration through strategic advertising and in-store demonstrations attracts new customers, stimulates sales, and strengthens brand presence.

Brand Awareness: Measure how well consumers recognize and are familiar with 22 Salute. Increasing brand awareness fosters customer loyalty, encourages repeat purchases, and enhances competitive positioning in the market.

Sales Velocity: Analyze the rate at which products move through distribution channels and generate sales. Faster sales velocity signifies strong consumer demand and effective market acceptance, driving revenue growth.

Return on Investment (ROI): Assess the financial returns generated from marketing and promotional efforts relative to the investments made. A high ROI indicates successful marketing strategies and efficient use of resources.

Cash Burn Rate: Track the rate of cash expenditure over time. Maintaining a controlled cash burn rate ensures the company can sustain operations and pursue growth opportunities without financial strain.

Charitable Contributions Impact: Measure the percentage of sales donated to The Veterans Connection and other veteran or first responder charities. This metric reflects the company’s commitment to social responsibility, enhances brand reputation, and fosters customer loyalty by supporting meaningful causes.


Marshall Terrin
Multifaceted business leader in renewable energy and specialty retail, specializing in marketing, branding, sales systems, and business coaching. U.S. Marine Corps veteran earning the rank of Sergeant. Rebranded HiDow International Inc. and invented the Hi-Dow Professional Series. Founder and CEO of Elevated Ventures Inc.

Kenneth Breneman
Former financial leader within Goldman Sachs, specializing in Alternative Investments, corporate restructuring, financial/decision modeling, and strategic implementation. Army Veteran, Founder and CEO of Mainstreet Bonds.

Tim McCouch
Vice President of TLK Fusion, a national marketing firm specializing in digital advertising, social media management, retail distribution, and strategic celebrity alignments. Highly accomplished professional with a 25-year track record in business and personal management.

Steven Eugene Kuhn
Business leader with over 20 years of experience turning around multi-million-dollar businesses in 10 countries. Has launched 30+ new businesses, trained elite teams globally, and consulted for influential figures, including rock stars and politicians. Current business advisor, author, Army veteran, and speaker.


Key Customers & Partners


"I love the mission of the brand. My Dad is a vet, so we appreciate what 22 Salute is doing to better the lives of Veterans and First Responders. And as an added bonus, the coffee is great! 1776 is an amazing Dark Roast.”
- Consumer at Lucky’s Market, CO


“This is the smoothest vodka l've ever tasted... owned 3 cocktail bars and a night club for 10 years so that's saying something!”
- Steven Eugene Kuhn


As the President and Founder of the Veteran Social Club, I am deeply committed to initiatives that support our veterans and foster a sense of community. One such initiative that has profoundly impacted our organization is 22 Salute vodka.22 Salute is more than just a great brand of vodka; At our events, it serves as a conversation starter, bringing veterans together to share stories, offer support, and build lasting bonds. The camaraderie that develops over a shared drink of "22 Salute" is invaluable, creating a sense of belonging and mutual support. I wholeheartedly endorse 22 Salute and look forward to continuing our partnership in making a positive difference in the lives of veterans.

-TJ, President & Founder of Veteran Social Club

“22 Salute is the SMOOTHEST vodka on the market. Winner of 4 awards, you'll love its premium taste”
-Robert Garcia, 

The Warrior Strategist


“I chose to work with 22 Salute because I was deeply moved by their mission. Having experienced the loss of my ex, a first responder who took his own life, I believe that 22 Salute is a brand that can truly make a difference.”
-Kiela, Talent Agency Owner

“Of their 3 flavors, I wanted to try Texas Pecan the most! This is SO smooth! Love the nuttiness! This would go great in many creamers but definitely shines as a black coffee on its own!”
- Maggie F., @Magstastetest

"$24.99 is an absolutely amazing price for such a quality product and cause! We are both veterans! He was in Vietnam”

-Consumers at Smiths, NV


"That is one of the best dark roast coffees I have ever tasted. It's bold but not bitter. Just how it should be."
- Consumer at Lucky’s Market, CO

“I lost my husband to suicide 10 years ago Oct 25. He served two tours and Iraq. I bought a bottle of vodka to support suicide awareness. It taste smooth and clean. Thank you for all you do.”
- Brittany King


22 Salute Spirits "With a Purpose" is a pleasure to represent because of the quality of the products and the fact that we are working toward such a great cause…Knowing that a portion of the proceeds is going to veteran mental illness (like PTSD) means so much to me that it boosts my passion to create increased brand awareness.

I will always stand tall for a company that uses its power, influence, and resources to get behind suicide prevention. So grateful to be connected to a team who cares.

-Modest J, Brand Ambassador


 22 Salute Coffee and Spirits. An amazing company with an amazing mission. As the Manager of a Marine Corps Bar, I did not hesitate to bring the product into our establishment. It is now our top selling vodka, and we use it in a number of our signature cocktails. The entire team has been phenomenal to work with over the past couple of years, and they have even supported multiple veteran organizations. Thank you for all that you have done and continue the great work. 

-Andrew, Bar Manager at Leatherneck Club